Mark Dennis

I have always been a positive thinking individual, and consider myself to be friendly, open and honest. I believe that all are equal, and that discrimination of any kind is unwarranted, and simply has no place in a progressive society.

My qualifications for writing about motivation and selling begin with a long and successful career in management and sales. I bring to the table a world of experience from working in Vancouver, the Cayman Islands and aboard a number of cruise ships that sailed into several international ports of call. 

My formal education includes: British Columbia Institute of Technology [Administrative Management]; Gemological Institute of America [AJP]; Communications & Public Speaking; Real Estate Pre-Licensing; The Canadian Securities Course;  Sister Islands (Cayman) Emergency Services & Florida Medical Training Institute [EMT-B]; and the Thorp Institute [Electro-Toxicologist]. I am currently the owner of Electro-Therapeutics in White Rock, BC, Canada where we provide Intelligent Microcurrent Therapy to our many clients.

My extensive history of learning, work experience and travel (I've visited six continents) provides me with a broad understanding of people and culture from many walks of life. My knowledge of different attitudes and customs helps me to understand others, and puts me in a strong position to be able to help people achieve the success they've always dreamed of!