iBooks Reviews for Simply Motivating!

"Very thought provoking! Excellent quotes that should be kept top of mind each day. Well worth a read."

"Happiness really is a choice! If you liked "The Secret", you will love "Simply Motivating"!

"Very motivating, love it!"

iBooks Reviews for Simply Selling!

"A common sense approach to sales and life. A must read for anyone considering a career in sales. Highly recommended!"

"Easy to read. Easy to follow. A breath of fresh air. Every salesperson should read this now!"

"I thought this book was very informative. It gave me a great insight into the mind of a salesperson. I now know why I keep going back to the same salesperson over and over again and why I never buy anything from a salesperson who rubs me the wrong way. If you make your living in sales I think this will be a big help to you in increasing your sales."

"My retail sales have improved every week since reading this book, and I highly recommend it to everyone."